All participants at FIMA Martial Arts - apart from those having a free trial - need to be members. Membership entitles students to the following:

  • unlimited training at the club (DoJo) during class times
  • the purchase of a club uniform (Gi)
  • the chance to follow a syllabus for grading examinations/belts and certificates.

Becoming a member of FIMA Martial Arts is easy, just talk to any of the instructors at any of our classes and they will be able to help you. We strongly recommend anyone who is interested in becoming a member to attend a class as part of a no obligation free trial, to get a taste for the club, the people and the instructors.

Licenses and Insurance

Licenses are required for all students (apart from those participating in a free trial) and the license also includes insurance cover which is compulsory for practice of martial arts in a safe and professional environment.

A license also covers gradings and competitions (although there is no requirement for either if you don't want to).

Note: Lil'Dragons do not need a license or insurance cover. 

Pricing and membership

On becoming a member, all students are required to purchase a Gi (club uniform) and a license (see above), membership pricing and license costs are detailed below:

Registration: £20.00
One-off fee to cover registration costs
Membership (ages 8+): £39.99 per month
Membership (Lil' Dragons): £25.99 per month
License (includes insurance) (ages 16+) £50.00 per year
License (includes insurance) (under 16) £40.00 per year

Note: FIMA Martial Arts do not require any of our students to enter into a long term agreement. Membership can be cancelled at anytime with one months notice in writing.  Unfortunately, the registration and license fee cannot be refunded.